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Janna Evans
Reentry Transition Specialist

Everyone needs directions when they’re going someplace new. The same is true when your destination is career success. Transition Specialists like Janna Evans provide free supportive services to at-risk adult populations — inmates, immigrants, foster youth and those with disabilities —to help them achieve better education and employment outcomes.

Tell me about the Transition Specialists program.

This program was created less than 18 months ago. The team consists of seven Transition Specialists. I am the only one working with inmates in the county jail. The others work directly with the adult education schools and community colleges. We connect at-risk adults to employment services, vocational training, educational opportunities, social services, rehab programs, counseling and more.

How do you work with individual adult learners to identify goals and pathways?

We meet one-on-one with adult learners to discuss their interests, values and skills. Through career assessment tools and techniques, we help each student identify possible career options. The student can then learn what type of education is needed and have a clearer understanding of what it will take to obtain that goal. What they want is most important. We are here as a support and to offer guidance.

Are there Transition Specialists available to non-English speakers?

One of the Transition Specialists is bilingual in Spanish. If we need assistance with a non-English speaker, there is always another student or someone on staff at the jail, in the adult education centers or at the community colleges who can help.

What resources/options exist for adults with disabilities?

Mt. Diablo Adult Education’s Adults with Disabilities department has three programs to assist 1) individuals with developmental disabilities, 2) those who have suffered a brain injury and 3) adults with Asperger’s. The primary goal of these programs is to prepare students for self-sufficiency. The community colleges also have departments offering resources and support services to students with disabilities. The Transition Specialists work side-by-side with the staff in these programs.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about my job is that I get to help people transform their lives despite their incarceration. Their next chapter does not have to be a repeat of the last. Getting them into school, a job, vocational training or rehab is the first step in rewriting their story.

How can someone get in touch with a Transition Specialist?

An at-risk adult can get connected with a Transition Specialist through one of the community colleges or the local school districts’ adult education programs. The individual does not need to be a student to receive services.

Meet Our Transition Specialists


Lillie Clausen
Adult Education Transition Specialist
West Contra Costa County
800-949-0496 x500

My goal has always been to make a positive difference in students’ lives, guiding them to the resources that would help them succeed in their education and/or career goals. I have worked for over 19 years as an adult educator, helping students achieve their high school diploma and/or GED goals. Now, as West County Transition Specialist, I work closely with Contra Costa Community College and the other CCCAEC transition specialists to provide students at West Contra Costa Adult Education with college and career workshops, pathway planning services, and the linkage to community partners providing wraparound support services. Please contact me for further information.

Darryl Coachman
Adult Education Transition Specialist
Central Contra Costa County
800-949-0496 x501

I am the Adult Education Transition Specialist for Central Contra Costa County. What I enjoy most about my work is I meet people from all over the world while doing my job. I'm exposed to different languages and cultures which broadens my perspective on life, and helps make me a more grounded, diverse person. I think cultural variety makes our country stronger. I like helping people reach their goals and improve their lives. Contact me if you assistance transferring to college or a career.

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Janna Evans
Reentry Transition Specialist
West County Detention Facility
800-949-0496 x504

I have always believed that it is never too late to transform your life, no matter what your life story says. As the Transition Specialist working with incarcerated individuals I am given the opportunity to introduce them to a different life that includes hope, change, significance, education, employment, family, etc. I do this work because my passion is to empower others to do for themselves what they believed for so long they couldn't. For some that is finish school or stay employed or for many stay clean and out of jail. With the right tools and resources each individual can transform their life story.

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Catherine Fonseca
Adult Education Transition Specialist
Los Medanos College

As the Los Medanos College Transition Specialist, I am here to educate adult learners and our community about the multiple opportunities LMC offers to them and their families. I facilitate and provide access to college resources and services to maximize the college experience. In addition, I’m here to also work with our English as a Second Language community learn about the higher education system in the U.S. so they can see Los Medanos College as a training institution that will help them and their families, so they too can accomplish the American Dream.

Nicole Gomes
Adult Education Transition Specialist
Diablo Valley College

As the Diablo Valley College Adult Education Transition Specialist, I am honored to work with such a diverse population of students and help each individual student complete their goals in higher education.  My job consists of connecting students to college resources, navigating the pathway to college and finding what is the right fit for them.  This may consist of career pathways, job development or general education.
We are dedicated to each student's completion of their educational path.

Demetria Lawrence
Adult & Alternative Education Transition Specialist
Contra Costa College

Education is a continuous process of growth & development; as the Adult & Alternative Education Transition Specialist for Contra Costa College, I make every effort to provide students with the academic and support services needed to be successful in their educational endeavors.  I also work collaboratively with West Contra Costa Adult Education, Contra Costa Adult School Re-Entry Services and community organizations to ensure that students and their families have a strong support network inside and outside of the classroom.

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Nick Morgan
Adult Education Transition Specialist
East Contra Costa County
800-949-0496 x503

I am the adult school transition specialist for east Contra Costa County; serving Pittsburg Adult Education Center, Liberty Adult Education and Antioch Adult School. I came here from Virginia where I worked for several years with students in adult education, social services, and the community college. I enjoy helping students set and achieve their career and educational goals through advising, workshops, and connecting them with resources in the community. I assist with career exploration, job skills,  education planning, college and financial aid applications, and finding ways to overcome barriers to their success.